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A Snow Day!

February 1, 2010

In the early morning hours beginning about 10 days ago, I began hearing the pleasant sounds of birds chirping outside the windows.  Ahhh, Springtime is near I thought to myself.  I was delighted to see soft pink flowering trees as I drove through town last Wednesday and then on Thursday the temperature outside peaked to 63 degrees.  The splendor of the approaching season was slowly awakening.  Oh yes…Springtime is indeed near!

Not so fast, said Mother Nature as she insisted we not forget the beauty of winter.  So, within a few short hours from that mid-60 degree day (Spring Fever, Baby!); fluffy snow flakes began to fall from the sky.  And they continued to fall into the night on Friday until we awoke on Saturday to an amazingly peaceful setting.  Clare exclaimed, Mommy…It’s just like at Nanny Neill’s house…snow!  She had enjoyed fresh powder during our visit to Pennsylvania over New Year’s so she was thrilled to see that “white stuff” once again.

Robert got Clare geared up to frolic in the snow and they headed out together while I savored an hour of “me” time.  Clare came back in with the rosiest of cheeks and a smile as wide as the ocean.  She LOVES the snow!  Clearly a nap was not going to happen this Saturday (big surprise!).  So…the three of us headed out after lunch and thoroughly enjoyed the Snow Day!


Clare's "Gang" gets out in the snow too

Here’s another video clip in case you want to hear that enormous giggle once again:

The fun lasted for 3 whole days!  Thank you to Mimi for the snow pants (from last year) and the ski jacket and to Nana for the boots.  Clare was prepared for this snow day…no doubt about it!  We’ll have to pick up a sled for next year although you can clearly see she had an incredible time without a sled.  😉

Ready for the Slopes

Ready to Run

One last taste of snow


“The Beach!”

April 7, 2009

The month of April has kicked off with a couple exciting road trips.  Clare and I drove to N. Myrtle Beach to meet Mimi for a girl’s weekend while Robert and Choots headed to Detroit to see the Tarheels play in the Final Four!  It was Robert’s first trip ever to the Final Four while it was Clare’s first time to the beach this year—both Clare and her Daddy were pumped with enthusiasm.  Clare yelled “BEEEACH” on Saturday while her Daddy I’m sure was yelling “GO HEELS!” with the same exuberance.  😉


Our trip to the beach seemed unbelievably long—being potty trained added just a few extra stops this time.  The Wiggles helped to occupy Clare’s attention but after the first hour—she was fit to be tied and wanted out of the car.  I realized I was kidding myself thinking she might actually take a nap and I began to wonder if we would ever actually make it to our destination.  Alas, her eyes closed as we were approaching our last hour of the trip.  She napped for about 40 minutes and awoke asking for “the beach”. 


On our past trips to the beach, Clare associated the condo as being ‘at the beach’…well, Clare now realizes that the condo is not actually “the beach”.   She is smarter than we realize, that’s for sure.  I swear she knew the ocean was on the opposite side of the street as I turned into Barefoot Resort—she immediately started crying and saying “No, Mommy, No…me go to the beach”.  Luckily Mimi was there when we arrived and was a huge help with getting Clare some dinner while I unpacked the car.  Clare went to bed shortly afterwards (in the queen size bed) in anticipation of going to the beach the next day. 


It was a beautiful sunny Saturday morning but a bit chilly—we decided to do some shopping and then take Clare to the beach after her nap.  We shopped at the outlets and snagged some bargains for all Saturday morning.  Clare’s favorite store is Hartstrings because they have a play area with blocks and books.  Why don’t all children’s stores have a play area?  It would be a win-win situation; Mom could shop longer, the store could make more money.


Clare decided there would be no nap.  After an hour of trying to get her down, I realized our stubborn daughter had one thing on her mind…the beach.  So, we grabbed her bucket and shovel and headed to the ocean.  It was about 70 degrees but the wind was pretty gusty.  Clare had a great time digging in the sand while watching the waves crash.  We went Sunday morning too—an absolutely gorgeous morning.  Clare was so excited to put her toes in the tidal pool and splash around.  She picked out a sea shell to give to her Daddy and chased me and Mimi up and down “THE BEEEACH”.  😉

April 2009

"My toes in sand!"

"My toes in sand!"

April 2009