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For Mom–Thank you

May 9, 2010

On this Mother’s Day I am once again reminded of how truly blessed I am to have such an amazing Mother.  I read a quote that really hits home with me, “the older I get, the more I see, the power of that young woman, my mother.”  Now as a Mother myself, I find myself appreciating everything (from big to small) my Mom did for me as I was growing up—and all that she still does for me.

My hope is that I will pass these same values onto my own daughter and help her grow, one day at a time, into all that she can be.  I’m a true believer that so much is learned by example.  I thought by writing down some of these values and gifts I learned from my Mom, it would help me not to lose sight of them as I still find my way in this crazy world.

Thank you, Mom for…

  • Holding my hand, but not too tight
  • Catching me when I fall (and showing me how to get back up on my own)
  • Being my confidant
  • Guiding me to find my individuality and teaching me not to push it aside as I take on my role as a wife and mother
  • Teaching me to love unconditionally.  I may not have been listening to you, but I learned by your actions—you’re right, giving is better than receiving
  • Teaching me at an early age the importance of gratitude by making me write my own thank you notes
  • Letting me know there is always a silver lining and more importantly, how to find it
  • Being patient and instilling that virtue within me
  • Teaching me to embrace change
  • Nurturing my imagination and never appearing to get tired of my antics
  • Encouraging me to reach for the stars (Your unending pursuit of education and career advancement is such an inspiration to me)
  • Reminding me to save time for myself
  • Making me stop and smell the roses (every day)
  • Indulging my creative side (although I didn’t turn out to be an artist, I vividly remember my art classes you and Dad sent me too)
  • Teaching me how to look my best (“what is rouge?”)
  • Showing me how contagious a smile can be
  • Showing me the value of pursuing my career while still being a wife and a mom
  • Always emphasizing the magnitude of family and being there no matter what
  • Retail Therapy
  • I’m saving the best for last…Giving me a sister!

I love you, Mom.  Happy Mother’s Day!