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Big enough for the front seat?

February 11, 2010

This evening as I was turning in the driveway with Clare in the car, she asked if she could sit in the front seat while I pulled the car into the garage.  This was one of those little moments that I knew would totally make her day; so I let her sit in the front seat.  She instructed me to buckle her in and then lifted her head as high as she could to try and see out the front window as we pulled in the garage.  Talk about a smile!

Here’s the conversation we had later tonight as she was lying in her bed just about to fall asleep:

Clare:  “Mommy…do you think I’m getting bigger?”

Me:  “Yes, I sure do.  Do you think you’re getting bigger?”

Clare:  “Yes, I think I’m too big for my car seat, Mommy.  I really need to sit in the front seat, okay?”

Me:  “Well, kids can’t sit in the front seat until they’re 8 years old.”  I then told her that her older cousins don’t yet sit in the front seat (hoping that would make her feel better).

Clare:  With a questionable look on her face…”What classroom will I be in when I’m 8?”

Me:  “I’m not sure, Clare…you’ll be in the big kids school by then.”

Clare:  Very seriously….“I won’t be at The Goddard School?”

Me:  “No, honey, you’ll be at the big kid’s school!”

Clare:  “What color will the walls be in my Classroom?”

Me:  “I’m not sure, we’ll have to wait and see.  What color are your classroom walls now?”

Clare:  “Green”  She then rolled over and went to sleep.

What goes through a toddler’s mind truly amazes me.  Since turning 3, every single day she has a new word, new sentence and new expression.  Each day I’m taken aback and reminded how quickly they really do grow up.  Before I forget this moment tonight, I wanted to be sure it got written down.

Cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings.


The Birth Plan…

November 21, 2009

Today, 11-20-09 is a momentous day as one of my dearest friends, became a Mommy for the first time.  I’m elated for her and her husband as they enter this newest chapter of their lives together; Parenthood.  I’m fortunate to live close by and was able to see God’s newest miracle up close…Baby Will is absolutely beautiful!

My friend made the comment about how the birth plan she and her husband had prepared was nowhere near what actually occurred.  It brought back memories of when I was pregnant and Robert and I went to the birthing classes.  I remember our instructor saying that although it’s great to have a birth plan, keep in mind that the plan can (and probably will) completely change.  Little did I know then, but that change of plan was one serious foreshadow of parenthood.

Pre-baby I remember thinking of all these things that I would and would not do as a Mom—I quickly realized that those plans may not come to fruition or if they do, it might be just a bit different.  Take maternity leave for example, while Clare napped I figured I would be able to join in on conference calls with work, write Christmas cards or bake holiday cookies.  Needless to say, napping was not something Clare did when she was a newborn so my industrious plan was a flop.  Thankfully I received some words of wisdom (from a fellow Mom)…those first few months I should surrender myself to our new baby, period.  In the proverbial blink of an eye, an infant becomes a toddler…I should savor every moment.  That is just what I did and it was amazing.

Now we’re in the heat of toddlerhood…my plan was for Clare to wear stylish dresses and fun outfits to school.  I should have seen it coming when at 6 months Clare’s favorite socks were her orange pumpkin socks and those were the ONLY socks we could get her to wear that she was going to be a wee bit stubborn about her attire.  Hmmm…where does that come from?!  😉  Needless to say, Clare has only one favorite dress (we actually let her wear it twice in one week) and I’ve accepted that if her outfit doesn’t match (or she wears shorts in the month of November) it’s okay.  Why?  Because she picked it out, put it on all by herself and it SO PROUD of herself.

Not only have I accepted that my plans may not always pan out, I find that those altered plans are the moments I now live for.