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No, she did not just say that?

August 14, 2010

This week brought a few more than usual moments where Robert and I had to turn our heads after hearing Clare voice some hilarious comments…

Clare’s comment from one night this week…“But, but, I promise I won’t care if my teeth fall out, I just realllly don’t want to brush my teeth.”  Can you tell that brushing teeth can sometimes be a trying task for Clare?

While getting Clare ready for bed (post-swim lessons) and taking her braid out of her hair (yes…she actually let me braid it!!), she saw herself in the mirror and as serious as can be she said, “I don’t look so good….my hair???!”  She then covered her head with a towel.  Wow…one of the few times she sees some curl to her hair, she does not like it. I was able to quickly capture this Kodak moment! It amazes me that one can be self-conscious at such a wee age!

Someone did not like her curls

Then, the next morning while getting ready for school she spots her little toy mirror.  She picks up her mirror and (again as serious as can be) says “let’s see if I look stylish?” Stylish?  Already?  Such a big word for a three year old’s vocabulary.

And…saving the best gasp for last…as the three of us are eating dinner tonight at our favorite local Mexican restaurant (Las Palmas), Clare is playing at the table with her fun calculator and begins to press down on some of the numbers…next thing we hear (oh so quietly) is, “D@$X&T!” and then again, “D@$X&T!”.  Wow…Robert and I had tears in our eyes from holding back our laughter while trying so hard not to make too much of a big deal about it (worried she would proclaim this lovely word even more so!).

Of course this last Clare-Comment was all “Mommy”.  Allow me to vent for one moment…there was a crazy 45 minutes last weekend when Clare and I were completely stuck in a traffic stand-still at the Tangier Outlets in N. Myrtle Beach.  While attempting to leave the outlets (and go meet up with Mimi and PopPop, Kaitlyn and Isabella for dinner) we quickly got right in the middle of a HUGE parking lot traffic gridlock.  It was one of the craziest traffic experiences I’ve been in a LONG time.  No one was moving for literally 40 minutes…of course by minute 30, Clare tells me she has to go to the bathroom.

Without even thinking (or realizing it), I barked at some of the cars with a lovely “D@$X&T, car!” remark.  Well, as we were FINALLY making progress and approaching the long awaited exit to the parking lot, Clare asked me (while pointing to a car), “Mommy, is that a D@$&XT car?”  It then dawned on me that I clearly barked just a bit too loud.  So, trying to be swift, I made her think I was saying “Jammed in Cars”.  Nothing ever came up again until …tonight.  😉  Lesson learned…I must seriously watch what comes out of mouth at all times.  And…never again visit the Tangier Outlets during a tax-free shopping weekend!  😉