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Purple and Pink

August 1, 2010

A Sunday afternoon with just Clare and Mommy—say no more.

Clare  gave an emphatic “Yes” when I asked her last night if she would like to go get her toes painted today.  “I know, Mommy, how about I get purple and you get pink?!”

This is only the second time I’ve taken her to the nail salon and the first time I’ve actually gotten my nails done with her.  Clare picked out our colors and propped herself in the spa chair as if she knew exactly what to do.

She sat as still as could be as she watched her toes undergo their pedicure.  😉

Clare's Pedicure

The nail tech was awesome…when finished, she lifted Clare out of the chair and carried her over to the “drying” table.  I sat beside Clare and she looked down at my toes and made the comment of how beautiful our toes were but she REALLY liked her purple toes better than my pink toes.  😉

"Look at our Beautiful Toes!"

She discovered the candy bowl sitting on the table and asked me if she could have a lollipop.  As I gave it to her, she asked if this was one that had gum inside…how she knew what a Blow Pop was, I have no idea?!  Sure enough, there was gum inside (except she got tired of it before she got to the good part).

Somebody found the candy bowl!

She waited patiently for her toes to dry and made the comment that I should have brought my own flip flops like she did—“that way you could wear them home like me!”.

As we walked out the door of the Nail Salon she said “Ahhh, I can’t wait to show Daddy our beautiful toes!”.

Another wonderful Sunday.


First Visit to the Nail Salon

August 8, 2009

Today was Luau Day at Clare’s school and they invited parents to join in the festivities.  She was all excited in the morning knowing that I was going to come sit in one of her chairs at school.  When I got there, she and I made our own leis by stringing flowers made of construction paper on colored string (Goddard School’s clever creativity as always) and snacked on pineapple and cheetos!  🙂  Other snacks too, but the cheetos were a big hit with Clare…”one more, Mommy, just one more.”

Clare with her Luau flower in her hair

Clare with her Luau flower in her hair

As we were leaving school, Clare noticed that I had painted my toenails and said she wanted “mine toes painted too, Mommy”.  The nail salon was right around the corner so I took her in and the nice owner propped Clare up on a chair and went to town with some pretty pink nail polish.  Clare sat as still as I’ve seen in a long time.  She was very intriqued and content to watch her little feet get some pampering.  It was a hit! 

Clare's first pedicure

Clare's first pedicure