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A Part of Us

April 30, 2013

Clare’s drawings and pictures are priceless to me as each and every one has a narrative story behind it (truly).  This may be one of my most favorite ones yet.  Why?  Allow me to narrate…

Family Portrait as Pets

Me:  “Clare, tell me about this drawing, look at that striped kitty cat!”  Note:  Nearly all of her kitty cat drawings are of Frankie and Wyeth (both big black fluffy cats).  We’ve never seen Clare illustrate a striped cat as she drew at school yesterday.

Clare:  “Let me tell you, Mommy.  Today…at the Y, we had to draw a picture of what our family would look like as our favorite pet.  So, you see, the big brown kitty is Daddy (“they didn’t have blonde color”) and the black kitty is you, Mommy.”  “Then, the striped kitty is me, because….I’m a part of you…. and….a part of Daddy.”

I was amazed at her recognition of being a part of each of us (while of course dying to know where on earth on all this thought process is coming from, during after-school nonetheless).

The remarkable mind of a child…always taking it all in.

Counting my blessings….