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The Magic of Baseball

August 17, 2009

Today we took Clare to her very first baseball game!  As luck would have it, Clare awoke from her nap (albeit a super short nap) at 2:00pm which was the start of the Carolina Mudcats baseballl game.  When Robert asked her if she would like to go watch a baseball game, her response was an emphatic “yes’.  So off we went to Five County Stadium.

We arrived during the 3rd inning and were able to secure seats on the 4th row with an up close view of the Mudcats players (way to go Robert).  Clare was frightened at the first sight of Muddy the mascot (as she is with all mascots) but relieved when he headed in the opposite direction of our seats.


She loved the time-honored baseball tunes that played between innings and enjoyed clapping her hands with the crowd.

"Go Mudcats!"

Cheering on the Mudcats

Cheering on the Mudcats

Given that our seats were so close to the field, we were able to work some magic and have one of the players (thank you #15!) throw Clare a ball.  Her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree!

"Mine Baseball!"

As if it couldn’t get any better for the big girl…Sunday was “Kids Run the Bases” day!  Clare and lined up behind home plate after the game (Mudcats won!) in preparation to run the bases.  We were so proud of her…although she wanted me to hold her hand…she ran right straight towards first base when it was her turn.  As we turned the plate towards 2nd base, she saw Muddy waving her on as he stood on 2nd plate.  Fear got the best of her and she pleaded for me to hold her.  As we ran past 2nd though, Clare held out her hand and gave a big wave to Muddy.  😉  Clare saw her Daddy on the sidelines past 3rd base and was happy to run into his arms.

Running the bases

Running the bases


Clare's First Baseball GameAnother fabulous Sunday!