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Fall Has Arrived

October 30, 2011

Our warm Indian summer days are no more…20 degree temperature shifts brought brisk cool fall weather our way this weekend.  The kind of weather that makes you want to stay indoors and purge the closets of summer clothes while having a pot of chili simmer on the stove.  OR…for a soon-to-be 5 year old…perfect weather for riding a jeep and painting some pumpkins!  Today was all about the outdoors for the big girl…

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Cracking Eggs

September 25, 2011

The memorable takeaway of our weekend—cracking eggs.  Clare had the idea of baking a cake for her all-time favorite babysitter  on Saturday (for her birthday).  The recipe called for three eggs…say no more, Clare went to town with trying to precisely crack each one.  Then, this morning, eggs (several) for breakfast, cracked by our little chef.  We made cupcakes this afternoon calling for yet more eggs.  It’s still a long way before she acquires the patience to be my little helper from start to finish, but cracking the eggs is one job she definitely loves.  As I was putting her to bed tonight…”Mommy, can we pretty please make something in the morning that needs eggs cracked?”  😉

Time for icing!

Finally, time for icing!


Sunday Smiles

Sunday Smiles

Spring is sure to follow

February 27, 2011

Carolina blue skies and mid-seventy degree temperatures outside made this last Sunday in February one to appreciate!  We are fortunate to have some of the North Carolina Greenway Trails nearby where we spend many weekend days running along side Clare as she pedals away on her bike.  I’m thinking the Tour de France may be on the horizon if she keeps up her relentless pace.  😉

Today, we packed up all three of our bikes (after dusting the cobwebs of mine) and headed to Falls Lake to introduce Clare to the mountain bike trails (beginner trails of course)!  Although Clare loved being in the woods, her little bike wheels were definitely not made for pine needle terrain.  So, Clare and I diverted to the pavement while her Daddy got an incredible workout on the trails.

Here’s a snippet of our little biker in action finishing her climb up a big hill (you can see why Robert and I decided we need to be on bikes with her…cannot keep up otherwise!)

The weather was simply BEAUTIFUL!!  Spring Fever indeed.  We had a fun picnic lunch lake-side and then Clare had a blast swinging  at the playground area.

And then, to top off the terrific day, as Clare is winding down before dinner we hear the catchy music coming from no other than The Ice Cream Truck!  A first for Clare and quite the treat.  A sure sign that Spring is just around the corner.

Ice Cream Truck

The Making of a Jack-O’-lantern

October 30, 2010

Step One:  Find the perfect pumpkin(s)…

Pumpkin Pickin'

Somebody found her some pumpkins

Step Two:  Enjoy the Pumpkin Patch (a must!)…

My favorite pumpkin of all

My Pumpkin

Fun times at the Pumpkin Patch

Fun times at the Pumpkin Patch

Step Three:  Get Paint (thank you to my partner-in-crime for battling Walmart on a Saturday!)

Step Four:  Prep the Pumpkins…

Prepare to Paint!

Prepare to paint!

Step Five:  Begin to Paint!

Our Little Artist

The Rainbow Pumpkin

Our little Artist

Decorating the pumpkin just right!

...putting on the finishing touches

Putting on the finishing touches

Operation Pumpkin Painting

Operation Pumpkin Painting

Step Six:  Make the True Jack-O’-Lantern…

Jack-O'Lantern, Complete!

Hello Jack-O'-Lantern!

Step Seven:  Display the Masterpieces and Get Ready for Halloween!

Ready for Halloween!


Purple and Pink

August 1, 2010

A Sunday afternoon with just Clare and Mommy—say no more.

Clare  gave an emphatic “Yes” when I asked her last night if she would like to go get her toes painted today.  “I know, Mommy, how about I get purple and you get pink?!”

This is only the second time I’ve taken her to the nail salon and the first time I’ve actually gotten my nails done with her.  Clare picked out our colors and propped herself in the spa chair as if she knew exactly what to do.

She sat as still as could be as she watched her toes undergo their pedicure.  😉

Clare's Pedicure

The nail tech was awesome…when finished, she lifted Clare out of the chair and carried her over to the “drying” table.  I sat beside Clare and she looked down at my toes and made the comment of how beautiful our toes were but she REALLY liked her purple toes better than my pink toes.  😉

"Look at our Beautiful Toes!"

She discovered the candy bowl sitting on the table and asked me if she could have a lollipop.  As I gave it to her, she asked if this was one that had gum inside…how she knew what a Blow Pop was, I have no idea?!  Sure enough, there was gum inside (except she got tired of it before she got to the good part).

Somebody found the candy bowl!

She waited patiently for her toes to dry and made the comment that I should have brought my own flip flops like she did—“that way you could wear them home like me!”.

As we walked out the door of the Nail Salon she said “Ahhh, I can’t wait to show Daddy our beautiful toes!”.

Another wonderful Sunday.

A Carefree Sunday

July 25, 2010

As typical for July in North Carolina—it is  piping hot.  This weekend was no exception with 103 degree days both Saturday and Sunday.

Clare LOVES her park outings on the weekends; we headed out super early both days in an attempt to beat this intense heat.  The hot sunshine didn’t seem to slow Clare down in the least bit.  She rode her bike, swung on the swings and actually took off running with Robert and me on the greenway trails.  When we got back home this morning, she wanted to play in the yard with her Sprinkler Ball (thank you, Baby Will!). Talk about FUN—she had a ball!

It’s no surprise that she napped afterward (albeit 45 minutes).  Last weekend, Clare and her Daddy went to the local ice cream shop where Clare had her very first ice-cream cone (it’s always been in a bowl)!  She woke up this morning asking if we could go get ice-cream today (“but, pleeeease?”).   The deal was that if she napped, we would take her to  get ice-cream.  Easy to guess how this story ends, huh?!  😉

Pick-Your-Own Strawberries

April 25, 2010

Did you know North Carolina is the 4th largest producer of strawberries in the country? Another interesting fact—North Carolina strawberry farmers grow this delicious fruit, not to ship all over the country; but rather to sell locally.  What better reason to head to a pick-your-own farm for a weekend excursion as strawberry season is in high gear!

We discovered Vollmer Farms—an organic farm located only 15 short away in Bunn, NC.  Clare had a grand time hand picking red ripe strawberries to bring home!  This farm was great—lots of fun things for the kids and a delightful gift shop.  Oh…and organic tomatoes and homemade ice cream!  We’ll be back!

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Buy Local!

A Snow Day!

February 1, 2010

In the early morning hours beginning about 10 days ago, I began hearing the pleasant sounds of birds chirping outside the windows.  Ahhh, Springtime is near I thought to myself.  I was delighted to see soft pink flowering trees as I drove through town last Wednesday and then on Thursday the temperature outside peaked to 63 degrees.  The splendor of the approaching season was slowly awakening.  Oh yes…Springtime is indeed near!

Not so fast, said Mother Nature as she insisted we not forget the beauty of winter.  So, within a few short hours from that mid-60 degree day (Spring Fever, Baby!); fluffy snow flakes began to fall from the sky.  And they continued to fall into the night on Friday until we awoke on Saturday to an amazingly peaceful setting.  Clare exclaimed, Mommy…It’s just like at Nanny Neill’s house…snow!  She had enjoyed fresh powder during our visit to Pennsylvania over New Year’s so she was thrilled to see that “white stuff” once again.

Robert got Clare geared up to frolic in the snow and they headed out together while I savored an hour of “me” time.  Clare came back in with the rosiest of cheeks and a smile as wide as the ocean.  She LOVES the snow!  Clearly a nap was not going to happen this Saturday (big surprise!).  So…the three of us headed out after lunch and thoroughly enjoyed the Snow Day!


Clare's "Gang" gets out in the snow too

Here’s another video clip in case you want to hear that enormous giggle once again:

The fun lasted for 3 whole days!  Thank you to Mimi for the snow pants (from last year) and the ski jacket and to Nana for the boots.  Clare was prepared for this snow day…no doubt about it!  We’ll have to pick up a sled for next year although you can clearly see she had an incredible time without a sled.  😉

Ready for the Slopes

Ready to Run

One last taste of snow

Nap No More

January 24, 2010

Each weekend it becomes harder and harder to get the big girl down for a nap.  I know it’s common for toddlers  to outgrow their naps but Clare is one toddler that NEEDS that nap.  She naps every day at school…no problem.  I suppose it’s because all her friends are napping with her…that “pack mentality”.

This weekend was no different…she tried to close those eyes for an afternoon siesta on Saturday but soon became giddy resulting in me throwing in the towel and enjoying her company.  😉  She hammed it up for the camera…

Clare's Gang...all covered up for nap time

"But my eyes ARE closed, Mommy!"

Playtime! 😉

The Adventures of a Baby Doll

September 20, 2009

Clare’s imagination is in high gear.  She loves pretending to cook, especially hot food so she can use her little pink oven mit.  Her favorite thing to pretend with lately is caring for her baby doll. 

Clare helps the the baby doll eat in it’s high chair (she says…”no peanut butter for baby doll”), sleeps in it’s crib and take walks in it’s stroller.  She even pretends to change it’s diaper.  The baby doll goes shopping with us to the grocery store—Clare buckles her in the child seat.  She is quite the little nurturer…

Following are some snapshots from last Sunday of this imagination in action….

Clare strapping in her baby doll"Let's go for a walk!"