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The Making of a Jack-O’-lantern

October 30, 2010

Step One:  Find the perfect pumpkin(s)…

Pumpkin Pickin'

Somebody found her some pumpkins

Step Two:  Enjoy the Pumpkin Patch (a must!)…

My favorite pumpkin of all

My Pumpkin

Fun times at the Pumpkin Patch

Fun times at the Pumpkin Patch

Step Three:  Get Paint (thank you to my partner-in-crime for battling Walmart on a Saturday!)

Step Four:  Prep the Pumpkins…

Prepare to Paint!

Prepare to paint!

Step Five:  Begin to Paint!

Our Little Artist

The Rainbow Pumpkin

Our little Artist

Decorating the pumpkin just right!

...putting on the finishing touches

Putting on the finishing touches

Operation Pumpkin Painting

Operation Pumpkin Painting

Step Six:  Make the True Jack-O’-Lantern…

Jack-O'Lantern, Complete!

Hello Jack-O'-Lantern!

Step Seven:  Display the Masterpieces and Get Ready for Halloween!

Ready for Halloween!



Hippity Hoppity Easter’s on Its Way!

April 1, 2010

Is it really April already?!  My how I would LOVE for time to stand still (or at least slow down).  Not gonna happen!

This first day of April brought with it nearly 80 degree weather, blooming daffodils, the end of basketball season for the Tarheels (toughest season in a long time) and the best part about the day—the annual Easter Egg Hunt at Clare’s school.  Here comes Peter Cotton Tail, Hoppin’ down the Bunny Trail!

Off and Running

Searching for that one last egg

It doesn’t seem that long ago that were doing this same thing last year.  Again, how time flies and what wonderful memories are made…

Last Years Egg Hunt...searching hard for those eggs!

April 2009--Easter Egg Hunt

First Visit to the Nail Salon

August 8, 2009

Today was Luau Day at Clare’s school and they invited parents to join in the festivities.  She was all excited in the morning knowing that I was going to come sit in one of her chairs at school.  When I got there, she and I made our own leis by stringing flowers made of construction paper on colored string (Goddard School’s clever creativity as always) and snacked on pineapple and cheetos!  🙂  Other snacks too, but the cheetos were a big hit with Clare…”one more, Mommy, just one more.”

Clare with her Luau flower in her hair

Clare with her Luau flower in her hair

As we were leaving school, Clare noticed that I had painted my toenails and said she wanted “mine toes painted too, Mommy”.  The nail salon was right around the corner so I took her in and the nice owner propped Clare up on a chair and went to town with some pretty pink nail polish.  Clare sat as still as I’ve seen in a long time.  She was very intriqued and content to watch her little feet get some pampering.  It was a hit! 

Clare's first pedicure

Clare's first pedicure