Cracking Eggs

The memorable takeaway of our weekend—cracking eggs.  Clare had the idea of baking a cake for her all-time favorite babysitter  on Saturday (for her birthday).  The recipe called for three eggs…say no more, Clare went to town with trying to precisely crack each one.  Then, this morning, eggs (several) for breakfast, cracked by our little chef.  We made cupcakes this afternoon calling for yet more eggs.  It’s still a long way before she acquires the patience to be my little helper from start to finish, but cracking the eggs is one job she definitely loves.  As I was putting her to bed tonight…”Mommy, can we pretty please make something in the morning that needs eggs cracked?”  😉

Time for icing!

Finally, time for icing!


Sunday Smiles

Sunday Smiles


2 Responses to “Cracking Eggs”

  1. Auntie E Says:

    Too cute!!

  2. Deirdre Cooper Says:

    As always, a beautiful story about a beautiful little girl….my granddaughter!!!

    Love you Clare,

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