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Big enough for the front seat?

February 11, 2010

This evening as I was turning in the driveway with Clare in the car, she asked if she could sit in the front seat while I pulled the car into the garage.  This was one of those little moments that I knew would totally make her day; so I let her sit in the front seat.  She instructed me to buckle her in and then lifted her head as high as she could to try and see out the front window as we pulled in the garage.  Talk about a smile!

Here’s the conversation we had later tonight as she was lying in her bed just about to fall asleep:

Clare:  “Mommy…do you think I’m getting bigger?”

Me:  “Yes, I sure do.  Do you think you’re getting bigger?”

Clare:  “Yes, I think I’m too big for my car seat, Mommy.  I really need to sit in the front seat, okay?”

Me:  “Well, kids can’t sit in the front seat until they’re 8 years old.”  I then told her that her older cousins don’t yet sit in the front seat (hoping that would make her feel better).

Clare:  With a questionable look on her face…”What classroom will I be in when I’m 8?”

Me:  “I’m not sure, Clare…you’ll be in the big kids school by then.”

Clare:  Very seriously….“I won’t be at The Goddard School?”

Me:  “No, honey, you’ll be at the big kid’s school!”

Clare:  “What color will the walls be in my Classroom?”

Me:  “I’m not sure, we’ll have to wait and see.  What color are your classroom walls now?”

Clare:  “Green”  She then rolled over and went to sleep.

What goes through a toddler’s mind truly amazes me.  Since turning 3, every single day she has a new word, new sentence and new expression.  Each day I’m taken aback and reminded how quickly they really do grow up.  Before I forget this moment tonight, I wanted to be sure it got written down.

Cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings.


A Snow Day!

February 1, 2010

In the early morning hours beginning about 10 days ago, I began hearing the pleasant sounds of birds chirping outside the windows.  Ahhh, Springtime is near I thought to myself.  I was delighted to see soft pink flowering trees as I drove through town last Wednesday and then on Thursday the temperature outside peaked to 63 degrees.  The splendor of the approaching season was slowly awakening.  Oh yes…Springtime is indeed near!

Not so fast, said Mother Nature as she insisted we not forget the beauty of winter.  So, within a few short hours from that mid-60 degree day (Spring Fever, Baby!); fluffy snow flakes began to fall from the sky.  And they continued to fall into the night on Friday until we awoke on Saturday to an amazingly peaceful setting.  Clare exclaimed, Mommy…It’s just like at Nanny Neill’s house…snow!  She had enjoyed fresh powder during our visit to Pennsylvania over New Year’s so she was thrilled to see that “white stuff” once again.

Robert got Clare geared up to frolic in the snow and they headed out together while I savored an hour of “me” time.  Clare came back in with the rosiest of cheeks and a smile as wide as the ocean.  She LOVES the snow!  Clearly a nap was not going to happen this Saturday (big surprise!).  So…the three of us headed out after lunch and thoroughly enjoyed the Snow Day!


Clare's "Gang" gets out in the snow too

Here’s another video clip in case you want to hear that enormous giggle once again:

The fun lasted for 3 whole days!  Thank you to Mimi for the snow pants (from last year) and the ski jacket and to Nana for the boots.  Clare was prepared for this snow day…no doubt about it!  We’ll have to pick up a sled for next year although you can clearly see she had an incredible time without a sled.  😉

Ready for the Slopes

Ready to Run

One last taste of snow