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Fat Tire has come to North Carolina

March 29, 2009

I’m not talking about mountain bike tires, either.  I’m talking about Fat Tire beer—a Colorado brewed beer.  Robert and I had our very first Fat Tire beer back in 1997 at the base of the ski slopes in Vail, Colorado.  If memory serves me correctly, we were watching the World Champion Ski races (Alberto Tomba was there)–it was a gorgeous sunny March day.  The label on the bottle caught our eye so we decided to try the beer—needless to say, it became an instant favorite.  Whenever we vist Colorado (unfortunately not nearly as often as we’d like), our first beverage is ALWAYS at Fat Tire. 

Well, now almost 12 years to the date—Fat Tire has taken flight in North Carolina!  It’s a beautiful spring day and I’m sipping on this great beer with my second-half as we sit on the back porch.  What a wonderful Sunday!


Tarheels are going to the Elite Eight!

March 28, 2009

March Madness—Duke is ousted by Villanova and Carolina advances in the Elite Eight!  Doesn’t get much better, eh?  I suppose if my bracket was filled with winning selections —it could be better. 

Watching all the collegiate teams compete and see who can persevere is always fun to watch.  Of course, Robert would love to be watching this in person in the mid-south city of Memphis.  😉

Onward to Detroit and the Final Four we hope!  Go Heels!